NeXT Black Hardware POST Power-on Self Test Error Codes

The Power-On Self-Test performs a cursory check of the NeXT Computer every time the system is powered up or hard reset ( <Command-Alternate-•> )

Test Order:

1) Checksum ROM
2) Check VRAM
3) Check NVRAM
4) Main Memory Test
5) SCC Test
6) SCSI Test
7) Ethernet Check
8) ECC Disk Chip Test
9) RTC Check
10) System Time Check
11) Event Counter Check
12) Sound Out DMA Test
13) Extended SCSI Test

If the Power-On Self-Test detects a failure in the first three tests, it is indicated by an
LED on the processor board visible only when the back panel is removed.

Error Codes:

SCC Channel Tests
50001     Port A SCC/DMA transmit interrupt didn't occur within 0.1 sec
50002     Port A of SCC chip didn't receive loopback char within 0.1 sec
50003     Port A loopback character doesn't match character sent
50006     Port B non DMA transmit was finished after 0.1 sec
50007     Port B non DMA loopback char doesn't match the one sent

SCSI Channel Tests
60001     FIFO count doesn't match the number of characters loaded
60002     FIFO doesn't contain the data that was loaded
60003     FIFO count doesn't match number of chars left in FIFO
60004     FIFO flush command failed
60005     Counter doesn't reload
60006     Counter doesn't reload
60007     Configuration register doesn't work
60008     53C90 doesn't generate interrupt on illegal command

Ethernet Channel Tests
70001     Couldn't set physical address
70002     Couldn't drain DMA receive buffer
70003     Physical packet not received
70004     Physical packet was garbled
70005     Received a packet with wrong address
70006     Broadcast packet not received
70007     Broad cast packet was garbled

MO Drive ECC Tests
80001     DMA transfer of raw data to ECC failed
80002     DMA read of encoded data from the ECC failed
80003     DMA transfer of corrupted data back to ECC failed
80004     ECC error count is incorrect
80005     DMA transfer of corrected data from ECC failed
80006     The corrected data is not correct

Real Time Clock Tests
90001     The RTC did not tick after 0.3 seconds

System Timer Tests
c0002     The system timer can not be set
c0003     The system timer interrupt doesn't work

Sound Out Tests
d0001     DMA transfer of sound out data failed

Event Counter Tests
e0001     The event counter did not tick after 100 micro seconds
e####     The event counter is not ticking smoothly; returned value is the ·excessive delta, (rollover is not an error)