Evolution of the Cube Backplane

Part # 177 REV00 AC

cube backplane

Pulled from cube #57

The normal mounting holes are completely missing. The board mounts using the holes in the 96 pin connector. The resistor pack is not present on the front and is hand soldered to the back. Copyright 1987, Manufacture date: 2/25/88

Part # 177 REV00 AD

Estimated from cube ~200 (back panel did not match the age of the cube)

Notes: Normal mounting holes exist but are in the wrong position for mounting in the cube. The backplane still attatches using the 96pin connector. The resistor pack is now present in the proper location. Copyright 1987, Manufacture date: 4/9/88

Part # 177 REV00 AE

Pulled from cube ~1000

Notes: Normal mounting holes exist and are in the proper location. The backplane is attatched using these holes. Copyright 1987, Manufacture date: 4/89

Part # 1000.00.AA

Pulled from cube #3203

Notes: No notable changes outside of part numbers/dates. White connectors are a repair replacement and not factory stock. Copyright 1989, Manufacture date: unknown, after 1991.